Summer Bucket List


This whole optimism thing is new to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist, I like to think of myself as a realist (and when I say, realist, I tend to look at the worst case scenario, but hope for the best!) Call it the anxiety, call it whatever you want. I like to be prepared. I’ve been really trying to make an effort lately to ‘look on the bright side.’ But when I lost my job recently, unforeseen to me, I needed a minute. Not because it was the perfect job, or I had been there for years, but because it was unexpected. Doesn’t everyone always want the choice to leave when they’re ready? I’m not a first-timer here. I was laid-off earlier in my career at a job I loved. I was there for 2 years and was devastated. This time around, the emotions were…

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I’ve thought the same for a long time, but I couldn’t have said it as direct as this. Parents need to take the time to teach their children right from wrong and how to respect others.

the peapod.

uncle samOrlando.

A place where dreams come true. Where fireworks are launched over a fairy tale castle. Where a wizard boy triumphs over evil. Where the sun seems to shine every single day and smiles are abundant from people who travel from all over the globe to enjoy the treats on nearly every corner. A place where in one weekend, two separate events took the lives of people who shouldn’t have died so young.


This is America. A place where we fight about on Facebook about the Orlando tragedy and use it as a political tool.


This is America. A land where our two presidential candidates are likely despised by as many people who will vote for them, and when they don’t like what is said or written about them, they stick their fingers in their ears and say “I’m not listening” like toddlers. Where the truth is relative…

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Everyday Cake

365 days of joy

IMG_9364Happy people find joy daily.

My goal is…be passionate about my purpose to live 365 days of joy. I need to keep inspiring my mind.

I need to be clear about my purpose and set a realistic timeline. No one ever achieved 365 days of joy, in 30 days. I need to be patient with myself, start everyday like it’s a brand new day and forgive myself, so I can hit the restart button.

I look for the good in every single person and situation I encounter. No judgement here, I take people at face value. I don’t care about what you did in the past or what you plan to do tomorrow, I am interested in what your doing and sharing with me today. When I am disappointed or something doesn’t go as expected, I have empathy. If I set out to find the good in people, I will…

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Checked bags …

High Heels and Xanax .....

I was married to a widower. They had been married for 14 years and then she got sick. Cancer is an ugly thing … kidney cancer is one of the worst. She was 38 when she died and her boys just 4 and 8.

For 7 years I tried to make it work but living in a shadow, or simply thinking you are, can be tough. I had chosen divorce. My previous relationships ended because I wanted them to. His ended because something beyond their control snuck up and snatched it all away. Big difference.

A few times comparisons came into play…some in my favor, some in hers. She made more money than I did and I was often reminded of that. She had expensive taste in suits, but paid for them herself. I was younger, perhaps a little more vibrant, and didn’t smoke. She said no motorcycles, ever, for…

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